Lee  Griffiths  Art and Engraving


Who would have thought that it is possible to take a sharply pointed metal rod and intentionally scratch a piece of metal in a way that it represents and (hopefully) most of the time surpasses semi-artistic metal butchery. That is certainly the goal. I really enjoy engraving a scene that tells a story. It might be as simple as the expression of a face or as elaborate as a traditional southern quail wagon scene or Roman senators addressing the Senate. It is equally enjoyable to cut ornamental designs that seem to flow out of the lines of the firearm, knife, or jewelry. There is real satisfaction in the challenge of creating the next museum piece.

Whether the engraving is on a firearm, watch, plate, knife, ring, coin, or urn, it is limited only by what the imagination can conceive. Custom engraving gives you the choice of having personal input in the project at whatever level you wish.

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Lee  Griffiths  Art and Engraving